Achievements Summary


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The UPA government, led by the Congress, has introduced several reforms in the recent past. These bills are among the strongest legislative measures taken in India’s modern history. Support from allies and the opposition is required to pass these bills. All parties need to get on board to defeat corruption. The UPA, which passed the historic Right to Information Act, is committed to rooting out corruption in the government, even from its own ranks.

  • The Public Procurement Bill, 2012 already introduced in Parliament (ref)
  • Grievances Redressal Bill already introduced in Parliament (ref)
  • Foreign Bribery Bill already introduced in Parliament (ref)
  • Judicial Accountability Bill already introduced in Parliament (ref)
  • The Whistle Blowers Protection Bill, 2011 already introduced in Parliament (ref)
  • The Consumer Protection (Amendment) Bill, 2011 already introduced in Parliament (ref)
  • The Prevention of Money Laundering (Amendment) Act passed by UPA (ref)
  • The Electronic Delivery of Services Bill already introduced in Parliament (ref)
  • IPRs of Group ‘A’ Central Officers placed in public domain (ref)
  • Measures to Tackle Black Money (ref)
  • UPA Govt is the first Govt in India to envisage National Data Portal for Transparency in Governance (ref)

Other Facts:

  • Under UPA, India ushered in a Revolution of transparency & fight against corruption by RTI Act (ref, ref)
  • RTI – In the last year itself close to 10 lakh people, in all parts of our country sought information from the Central govt authorities
  • India Fully Committed to Combat Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (ref)

Administrative Reforms

  • Under GoI, PMO – Delivery Monitoring Unit has been set up since beginning to monitor key projects (ref)
  • Open Government Platform- First of its kind initiative (ref)
  • E-Governance – Govt approves Component -I of Plan Scheme on End-to-End computerisation of Targeted PDS Operations in the 12th FYP
  • UPA approves implementation of IDEA assisted ICDS Systems Strengthening and Nutrition Improvement Project


In the face of slackening global demand, no country could have been an island, isolated from the global environment. Owing to reform measures, economists predict that India will be back on a high growth path in the financial year 2013-14. The biggest reform proposed by the UPA – the Goods and Services Tax reform – has been stuck in limbo because state governments run by various parties haven’t immediately come on board.

  • Government works towards cutting the large deficit by reducing fuel subsidies which amount to Rs. XXX crore.
  • Companies Bill (Amendments) Passed by UPA
  • Cabinet approves the introduction of amendments to Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill, 2011- FDI in Pension (ref)
  • Cabinet approves necessary official amendments in Insurance Laws (Amendment), Bill 2008, pending in Rajya Sabha
  • Under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA – Last Year – 5 crore accounts have been opened in 97000 villages in the country (ref)
  • Aadhaar Enabled Service Delivery -that identifies target beneficiaries of Govt’s schemes (ref)


  • Under UPA, India became the 3rd Largest Economy in the World and 2nd Fastest Growing, Despite Global Meltdown
  • India is expected to become the 2nd Largest Economy in the long run and overtake USA by 2050
  • The average annual growth rate of the ecoomy during 2004-05 to 2011-12 is 8.2%, despite global economic crises
  • The lower growth after 2012 could be attributed to a slowdown in the global economy and tight monetary policy at home to control inflation
  • India demonstrates high and stable growth in Dow Jones List Of Emerging Economies
  • India- Macro-Economic Picture under UPA – 60% Higher Real GDP than 2004 and 16% Lower Debt. 94% More FDI
  • Average Consumption Growth in Urban Areas was higher and more inclusive during #UPA than earlier
  • Average Consumption Growth in Rural Areas was higher and more inclusive during UPA than earlier Under UPA – Rural Poverty Declined by 1.6% Every Year and Urban Poverty by almost 1% Every Year


  • Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project.Launched by the UPA
  • 13 Indian Cities Will Have #Metro Rail Transport by 2015, aided by the UPA Government | JNNURM
  • UPA to Develop 54 Cities as Solar Cities, Draft Master Plans for 28 cities prepared,out of which 8 Master Plans have been approved
  • India added 20,000MW of Power Last Year
  • India has more than 25000MW of renewable power, out of which 5000MW was installed by #UPA in 2011-12
  • India added 8000 kms Roads and Highways. UPA Completed 100% of Golden Quadrilateral, NDA only completed 20%
  • The central government has helped restructured the loss making State Electricity Boards (SEB) of XXX states.
  • The restructuring plans of SEBs involves reducing wastage, electricity theft and increasing efficiency and quality.
  • Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA)
  • Nirmal Bharat Yatra – An initiative by Rural Development Ministry for Rural Sanitation.
  • 32 Lakh New BPL Electricity Connections and 8000 Villages Electrified in the Last 1 Year
  • Both Rural and Urban Tele-Density have been Substantially increased under UPA
  • Telephony reached 137 m houses in 10 years – second fastest growth in the world.


  • Nearly 38 million houses obtained tap water connections during the last decade
  • More than 44 million families moved into own houses during last two 5 Year Plans
  • Airports of Lucknow, Tiruchirapalli, Mangalore and Coimbatore declared as International airports
  • India ‘s Broadband Subscription Reached More than 22 Million in Dec 2011.
  • With around 96.5 crore telephone connections, India is the second largest telecom market in the world today.


  • Guru Gobind Singh Refinery with India’s longest Oil Pipeline dedicated to the Nation from Mundra (Guj) to Bhatinda (Punj)
  • Bilateral Gas Sales and Purchase Agreement of Tapi Gas Pipeline Project signed between GAIL- Turkmenistan in May ’12
  • Under #UPA 3.3 million #LPG deliveries made every day to 142 million customers


  • Storing Capacity of 1.5 crore tons of food grains created in Last 1 year !
  • Forward Contracts (Regulation) Amendment Bill
  • The MSP of Paddy has been increased from Rs60 – During previous Govts to Rs690 under UPA Govt
  • Agriculture Credit had been consistently increased to the Farmers,Under UPA | See Graph over the years


Click here for complete list on achievements in the education sector.

  • Common Admission Examination Process with Weightage to Performance in Class 12th Board from 2013
  • More than 6.2 Lakh Science Student Scholarships Given Last Year under INSPIRE
  • Almost 5 Lakh New Schools Were Built in India in past one year | Sakshar Bharat
  • National Knowledge Network, connects higher education institutes through via high speed broadband network
  • Under UPA – India passed the historic Right to Education Act, every child going school!
  • 1041 primary schools, 1613 upper primary schools, 123,380 teachers’ posts and 155,039 toilets in schools sanctioned during 2012-13.
  • Govt approved opening of 9636 new secondary schools to provide schools within a reasonable distance (2/3 km) of habitation.
  • Under 6.8 Lakh Teachers have been appointed during the last 2 years
  • Right to Education Act is linked to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Under UPA – Providing Uniforms,Transportation & Residential Facilities Approved
  • UPA is reviving the ancient Nalanda University in Bihar with the wise counsel of Dr. Amartya Sen.
  • Sakshar #Bharat-National Literacy Mission being implemented in 372 Low Female Literacy Districts,benefiting 7 cr in 1.6 lakh Gram Panchayats


  • The UPA is finalising a proposition for free medicines for the poor.
  • Health Insurance to Unorganised Sector Workers
  • Under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna, 32,264,788 Active Smart Cards issued, and 4,041,249 Hospitalisation Cases Dealt.
  • Cabinet doubles risk allowance, hospital patent care allowance and patient care allowance
  • Govt to spend Rs 3,900cr over 5 years to control Japanese Encephalitis & Acute Encephalitis Syndrome JapaneseEncephalitis
  • India ‘s Life Expectancy has increased under UPA.
  • Over 8,60,000 ASHAs appointed to act as bridge between the communities and health facilities in villages under NHRM

Science and Technology

  • UPA has established Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) which serves as single window clearance
  • India Building Largest Solar Telescope in the World in Ladakh, near Indo-China border
  • The UPA facilitated the First Chandrayan for Moon, And Now Mangalyaan for Mars India also planning a solar mission -Aaditya
  • India’s heaviest satellite GSAT-10 successfully launched
  • India’s GPS aided GEO augmented navigation system, GAGAN, developed by AAI to be rolled out by July 2013
  • Last Year under UPA saw highest ever generation of Nuclear Power.7 New Nuclear Power Plants under construction with full safety
  • The flawless launch of AGNI 5 and launch of All weather imaging RISAT-1 satellite marked major milestones of advanced technology this year
  • India launched National Mission on Education Through Information-Communication Technology,Connecting 25000 colleges & 419 universities

National Security

  • UPA is the First Govt in Modern India which is establishing a National Intelligence Grid NATGRID for Security
  • Security – UPA envisioned the National Investigation Agency – With Branch Offices At Guwahati, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kochi and Mumbai


  • Visible Reduction in Naxal Related Incidents in the past one year
  • Under UPA Terror Related Incidents in Jammu and Kashmir have significantly reduced.
  • The trend in Naxal violence has consistently decreased over the past 1 year
  • Jammu & Kashmir is getting peaceful under #UPA


  • This Year Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft H-187 got Commissioned 12 Such Masterpieces
  • In the past 1 year, UPA has built over 54000 houses for our Defence Personals
  • Under UPA ,the expenditure on Defence and welfare of Defence Personnel has substantially and consistently increased

Social Inclusion

  • Financial Inclusion under Swabhimaan Scheme | 8 crore New Bank Accounts For Rural India |
  • Under UPA, India ‘s First Food Bank Launched
  • Mid-Day Meal Scheme| 10.52 Cr school children provided meals daily. No where in the world, has this happened
  • Web based Management Information System launched for monitoring of Mid Day Meal Scheme.
  • Post Matric Scholarships awarded to nearly 6.5m SC/ST students in a year
  • Mid Day Meals- 10.52 Cr Children are provided Cooked Meals in 12.18 Lakh Schools in #India in 2011-12 | 22.5 lakh workers engaged to help
  • Mid Day Meal #India |10.50 lakh schools have been provided with kitchen devices & 5.35 lakh kitchen-stores constructed
  • National Mission For Empowerment of Women started “Poorna Shakti Kendras” for helping women garner their benifits in 18 States
  • UPA has increased unit assistance under the Indira Awaas Yojana, Doubled For BPL Families
  • Actual Expenditure for Minorities on Centrally Sponsored Schemes under UPA
  • UPA Govt is the First Govt in Modern #India to Consistently Increase Outlays for Child Specific Schemes


  • Cabinet approves Key Amendments to Wildlife Protection Act 1972

International Relations

  • This Year,saw formalization of Strategic Partnership between India & Afghanistan. India’s cumulative committment to it is USD 2 billion.
  • The Indian Ministry of Culture “Vivekananda Chair.”has been established in University of Chicago by the Govt.of India to spread his message


  • Tourism in India gone up from 5.38 to 6.29 Million.A Record in itself ! “Hunar-Se-Rozgar”Scheme created 11000 new jobs
  • “Project Arrow” – Infrastructure of Post Offices Refurbished
  • 5242 2-room flats in Jammu for Kashmiri Pandit migrants alloted.1,024 such flats at Muthi,Purkhoo & Nagrota already been allotted since 2008
  • Commemoration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda