UPA Milestones in Tweets


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1. How has the economy grown under the UPA?

In 9 years of #UPA the country has grown from USD 617.6 Billion to USD 1.84 Trillion, up by 3 times

In #UPA 1 India’s GDP took off, from Rs 27,77,813 crore in 2003-2004 to Rs 41,58,676 crore in 2008-09, an increase of 49.7% over 2003-04

#India grew at an average rate of 8.2% between 2004-05 and 2011-12 under #UPA #Bharatnirman

End of FY 2012-13, Indian economy grew to Rs 55,03,476 crore which means growth of 32%  in the last four years of  #UPA 2

Btw 2004 & 2010, the number of people dependent in agriculture fell from 24.9 crore to 22.9 crore (Crisil) #Bharatnirman #UPA

#Bharatnirman one in every two rural households has a mobile phone, nearly 42% of rural households own a television in 2009-10 #UPA

#Bharatnirman 14% of rural households have a two-wheeler in 2009-10, twice of that in 2004-05 #UPA

#UPA 12th Plan projects an investment of Rs 40,99,240 crore ($1025 billion), pvt. sector to share 47% of investments #Bharatnirman

2. What has the UPA Government done for infrastructure?

#UPA India has the second largest number of PPP projects in infrastructure in the world #Bharatnirman

Major chunk of Golden Quadrilateral completed by #UPA (63% done post NDA) #bharatnirman

#UPA finished Phase 2 of National Highway Development Project by Feb 2013, 52% of Phase 3 complete

#UPA increases PMGSY budget to Rs 56,251 Cr for 2009-13, while budget for NDA period was only Rs 9,682 Cr (48% increase) #Bharatnirman

#UPA adds more than 2 lakh kms of new roads to rural road network over last 9 yrs #Bharatnirman

#UPA lays 2579 kms of road in Maoist insurgency affected areas by December 2012, target of 5487 kms #Bharatnirman

#UPA #Railways enter one billion tonne (1010 million tonnes) select club in freight loading for the year 2012-13 #Bharatnirman

#UPA number of passenger trains by #Railways goes up from 8,897 in 2002 to 12,335 in 2012

Number of consequential train accidents per million train kms goes down from 0.41 in 2004 to 0.13 in 2012 #UPA

#UPA connects Kashmir Valley to the country via #Railways through Qazigund-Banihal rail link

#UPA completed National Maritime Development Programme comprising 387 projects #Bharatnirman

#UPA shipping tonnage under Indian flag crosses 10 million GT target set by 11th Plan

#UPA declares 2 new National Waterways with enactment of National Waterways Act in 2008

#UPA increases capacity of major ports from 696.53 to 748 MMTPA in 2012

#UPA plans 2 new major ports in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh

#UPA revolutionises civil aviation with 49% FDI by foreign carriers in domestic airlines

#India 9th largest aviation market handling 121 million domestic and 41 million international passengers, #UPA plans to become 3rd largest by 2020

Under #UPA per capita consumption of electricity increases from 559 kWh in 2002 to 813 kWh in 2011

#India adds more power generation capacity under last 9 years under #UPA than entire prior era since Independence

#UPA adds 54,964 MW power generation in the 11th Plan, 160% higher than the 10th Plan

Under #UPA RGGVY electrifies 1 lakh un-electrified villages and provides free electricity connections to 2.34 cr rural BPL households

Nuclear power generation capacity increases by 1,000MW to 5,780MW, 7 nuclear power reactors under construction

#India ranks 4th worldwide in wind power, total installed capacity of grid-interactive renewable power highest ever 28,000 MW #UPA

#UPA has launched the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, Phase-1 target of 1,000 MW complete #Bharatnirman

26% yearly growth in teledensity under #UPA

Investment in telecommunication sector reaches Rs 344,921 crore (US$ 63.7 billion) by end of 2012 #UPA

Under #UPA 93 crore of 121 crore Indians own a mobile phone

Under #UPA more than 485 Million people enjoy internet and broadband services, broadband to reach 2.5 lakh villages by 2014

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor incorporates 9 mega industrial zones as well as 3 ports and 6 airports #UPA #Bharatnirman

#UPA gives approval for Amritsar-Kolkata industrial corridor, to benefit almost 40% of India’s population

3. How did the UPA tackle rural unemployment?

#UPA spends 2 lakh crore over last 7 years under MNREGA

MNREGA provided 136.18 crore man-days of employment to 4.08 crore households in 2012-13 #UPA #Bharatnirman

4. How has the agriculture sector fared under the UPA?

Agriculture growth jumps to avg. 3.9% during #UPA 2005-11 compared to 2.5% in NDA years

#UPA Launched RKVY, BGREI and IWDP for agricultural growth, transformed rural landscape

#UPA cleared dues of 4.3 crore small and marginal farmers with a farm loan waiver package of Rs 72,000 Cr in 2008.

#UPA hikes MSP of wheat from Rs 640 per quintal in 2004-05 to Rs 1350 in 2012-13 (up 111%)

#UPA hikes MSP for paddy from Rs 590 per quintal to Rs 1,250 (up 112%)

#UPA hikes MSP for arhaar dal from Rs 1,390 per quintal to Rs 3,850 (up 177%)

#UPA hikes MSP for moong dal from Rs 1410 per quintal to Rs 4400 (up 212%)

5. How has the UPA impacted education?

#RTE requires all private schools to reserve 25% of seats to children from backward and challenged sections of the society #UPA

#RTE provides that no child shall be held back, expelled, or required to pass a board examination until the completion of elementary education #UPA

#RTE requires monitoring of all neighbourhoods and identification of all children requiring education, and set up facilities for providing it #UPA

#RTE provides that no child shall be held back, expelled, or required to pass a board examination until the completion of elementary education #UPA

#UPA sanctions Rs 23,836 crore for #SSA during 2012-13,  a jump of nearly 8.7 times over the 2003-04 budget of Rs 2,730 crore

#UPA allocates Rs 9,890 crore in 2011-12 for #Middaymeal, a jump of nearly 7.5 times over the 2003-04 budget of Rs 1,325 crore

Increase in Gross Enrolment Ratio at the middle school level from 62.5% in 2003-04 to 85.5% in 2010-11 under #UPA

Under #UPA central universities have increased from 17 in 2004 to 44 in 2013, plus 9 new IITs and 7 new IIMs besides five IISERs and two IIITs

6. How has the UPA benefited healthcare?

#NRHM provides access to primary healthcare services, as well as secondary and tertiary care across the country to poorest segments of society #UPA

#NRHM promotes traditional medicine and healthy lifestyles for the first time #UPA

#UPA launched Janani Suraksha Yojana to reduce maternal mortality ratio and infant mortality rate

#UPA launched JSSK to provide cashless services to pregnant women in government health institutions in both rural and urban areas

7. What has the UPA done for internal security?

#UPA govt approved formation of 10 new Specialised India Reserve Battalions (SIRBs) to tackle left wing extremism

#UPA strengthened NIA with new branch offices at Guwahati and Kochi, to tackle terrorism

#UPA launched Phase 2 of Coastal Security Scheme with outlay of Rs 1579 crore

What has the UPA done for transparency and battling corruption?

#UPA brought in #RTI in 2005 to tackle corruption

More than 10 lakh #RTI applications filed in 2011-12, making government transparent and inclusive #UPA

#Aadhaar provides proof of identity to any Indian, backed by biometric data #UPA

#Aadhaar based #DBT scheme has launched a delivery revolution in India #UPA

39 crore #Aadhaar numbers issued, target 60 crores by 2014 #UPA

What are the benefits of FDI?

#FDI in retail will not only rationalise the markets but also open up greater employment opportunities for the youth #UPA

#FDI in retail benefits farmers with farm produce reaching stores directly resulting in significant reduction of wastages #UPA

#FDI in retail benefits farmers as they will get a higher value for their produce with layers of middlemen removed #UPA

#FDI in retail benefits farmers as at least 50% of total investment will be in back end infrastructure

Studies show #FDI in retail does not create a downtrend in employment #UPA

Small stores and Kirana owners can benefit from #FDI in retail if they assimilate into organised retail through franchisees #UPA

Studies show lower income consumers save more through organised retail purchases #FDI in retail #UPA

#FDI in retail expected to create upto 1 crore new jobs #UPA

New manufacturing opportunities for SME as large format retail will source 30% of products from small sector #FDI in retail #UPA

What has the UPA done for urban development?

#JNNURM outlay of over Rs 1 lakh crore in more than 60 cities #UPA

#JNNURM focuses on water supply, sanitation, and urban transport, most notably modern low-floor bus fleets #UPA

#JNNURM 554 projects totalling  Rs 62,253 Crore have been sanctioned under the Urban infrastructure & Governance sub-mission #UPA

#JNNURM 807 projects at a total cost of Rs 14, 021 Crore have been sanctioned under UIDSSMT #UPA

#JNNURM focuses on development of infrastructure services in cities #UPA

#JNNURM ensures adequate funds to meet deficiencies in urban infrastructural services #UPA

#JNNURM scales up delivery of civic amenities and provision of utilities

#JNNURM focuses on urban renewal programme for the old city areas to reduce congestion

#JNNURM provides basic services to the urban poor such as improved housing, water supply and sanitation #UPA

What has the UPA done for tribals?

#UPA set up #Tribal Development Fund of 130 crores for benefit of tribal families across country

#Nehru’s ‘#Tribal Panchsheel’ inspiration for Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 #UPA

86% of 31,68,478 claims by #tribal families as of 31 January 2012 acted upon #UPA

Under #UPA 12.51 lakh #tribal families have already got a total of 17.60 lakh hectares of land after verification of their claims

# UPA creates Minor Forest Produce Commission for #tribals which will fix a minimum support price for minor forest produces

What has the UPA done for Kashmiri migrants?

#UPA provided for a package of Rs 1,618  for return and rehabilitation of #Kashmiri migrants

What is the developmental help given by the UPA for Jammu & Kashmir?

#UPA gave Rs 12,288 Crore per year to Jammu & #Kashmir, 4.5 times more than avg. during last 4 years of NDA

#Himayat a skill empowerment and employment scheme aim to cover 1 lakh youth over 5 years in Jammu & #Kashmir

#Udaan targets 40,000 youth for industry skill development over 5 years in Jammu & #Kashmir

What is the financial support provided to the states by UPA?

Total money allocated to states by #UPA went up from Rs 74,368 crore in 2003-04 to Rs 97,978 crore in 2004-05,

a jump of 32%

Total outflow to states during #UPA 1 Rs 9,74,658 crore, 3 times the finances given during NDA’s term